- Here  is what Parents and Professionals  are saying 

"My son's face lights up when ever he see's the

kicker Helper."

"My daughter loves it! We use it at the park."

"My son kicks the ball with his older brother

who is on select soccer team.  They love having

a shared sport."


"I have seen the Kicker Helper challenge

our students with visual motor and perception skills"(Occupational Therapist)

"The Kicker Helper is a adaptive tool that allows our students to practice  motor control and coordination in a really fun way!"(Physical Therapist)

"Students are working on many skills: visually tracking, timing, processing,

motor skills, cause and effect- super fun too!"(Adapted Physical Education Teacher)

"It is great to see our students being social with their peers and having equipments that allows

for this connection to occur."(Special Education Teacher)

             Ordering is easy, accepting P.O.'s, Checks or Credit   cards via PayPal and Square.  The Kicker Helper is guaranteed for 30 days. 

If you are not happy for any reason, send it back for a full refund.

To get your Kicker Helper today and start bringing inclusion to all your      students, either purchase by emailing Kickerhelper@gmail.com or                                                    CONTACT US   tab.